JUAN DE LANUZA SCHOOL – host of mobility within the Erasmus + project European MakerSpace Network

Last week we had the pleasure of concluding our Erasmus project “European Makerspace Network”. We welcomed our friends from Poland, Croatia, and Turkey with the same enthusiasm and hospitality with which they treated us when we visited them over the past year.

There were long days of work in our Makerspace and also of getting to know our city, as well as a wonderful place like the Monasterio de Piedra. With the final diploma ceremony, we said goodbye by recording our final products, and everyone was happy and grateful for this shared experience, which undoubtedly has helped our students mature as they faced different cultures, languages, and even ways of seeing life. All of this within a project where we learned about programming and robotics in their respective countries.

We are eager for more Erasmus projects. So, we will soon come back with another project. But this… this is another story that we will soon tell you.

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