II. PRIMARY SCHOOL VARAŽDIN – host of mobility within the Erasmus + project European MakerSpace Network

Students and teachers II. primary school hosted the Erasmus+ European MakerSpace Network project from February 6 to 10, 2023. Participants from Poland, Spain and Turkey arrived in Varaždin.

The general goal of this project is to encourage creativity, entrepreneurship, technological literacy, creation and communication in an international environment. The project will promote and raise awareness of creative culture and creative space among schools, and promote critical thinking and raise awareness of similarities and differences in the culture of European countries.

     On the first day of the students and their teachers mobility, a special welcome program was held for the guests, and the principal Sanja Posavec greeted them and wished them successful work and a pleasant stay in our city. After the welcome program, students and teachers got to know the school premises under the guidance of students II. Varaždin Elementary School and then had a pleasant time together over lunch at the school.

The students participated in a workshop of creative ideas for making robots, where they showed their ideas for robot design, and at the end of the first day, they also visited the Center of Excellence in Robotics at the 1st Elementary School in Varaždin and saw the most important activities of the Center and the program of work with students. Students saw robots and programs and the principles of their work.

    The second day of mobility as part of the Erasmus+ European MakerSpace Network project was marked by workshops with different types of robots and their programs. The workshops were led by teachers Ljiljana Inkret-Martinčević, Željka Kopić and Jasminka Belščak.

Under the guidance of teacher Jasminka Belščak from Petrijanec Primary School, students worked in several groups to solve tasks of different levels of complexity with the Ozobot robot and successfully completed them. This was followed by a workshop with Arduino led by teacher Željka Kopić. The students successfully completed several tasks in working with Arduino and demonstrated their skills and knowledge.

After lunch and an active break with socializing and a game of basketball, the students participated in the last workshop with mBots led by teacher Ljiljana Inkret-Martinčević. The students programmed the robots in the mBlock program to move along given paths. The students cooperated with each other and successfully mastered all tasks by working together.

    On the third day of mobility, the participants of the Erasmus+ European MakerSpace Network project visited the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Students and teachers enjoyed the winter idyll of natural beauty in the national park by walking and riding a boat and tourist train. All participants used the day to get to know each other and make new friends.

       On the fourth day of mobility, the participants of the Erasmus + European MakerSpace Network project visited the city of Zagreb and the Chocolate Museum. The participants walked around the city under the guidance of a tourist guide and visited and saw the most important parts of the city and institutions of the greatest importance for the city and the country. The students got to know the history of the city and saw its sights and beauties. After an exhaustive walk, they visited the Chocolate Museum and learned the most important facts about chocolate.

    On the last day of mobility, the participants toured the city of Varaždin with expert guidance, visited the City Museum of the Old Town, and a ceremonial distribution of certificates was held for all participants.

Ceremonial distribution of certificates was held at the school in the presence of the school principal. Principal Sanja Posavec and project coordinator Ljiljana Inkret – Martinčević awarded certificates to all participants and thanked them for their contribution and participation.

Coordinator Ljiljana Inkret-Martinčević and teachers Dubravka Pavlić, Tanja Klaneček, Denis Bais and Željka Kopić participated in the organization and implementation of the activity.

link to film: https://carnet-my.sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/roko_covic5_skole_hr/EVxcPpZyoYFIipELtU5sxhYB_xeGWX2Oxsn23fWhxQ2-iQ?e=VFZnoY

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