Publiczna Szkola Podstawowa nr 2 im. Hansa Christiana, Andersena w Radomiu Poland

Our school is a Public Primary School no 2 under the name of Hans Christian Andersen in Radom.There are 554 students,age of 6-15, 53 teachers of different specialization including speech therapist, psychologist and educationalist teach here. The mission of our school is to create self-relient people, creative, open to contact with other cultures.

We put emphasis not only developing basic skills, also new technologies.Our school has well-equipped classrooms and have robotics classes using Lego Mindstorm blocks during which they learn programming, building, and testing solutions for implementing technology and robotics.
We organize campaigns promoting health, reading, human rights, tolerance.Students implement many projects, including ecological&health
education.Numerous clubs, including theatre, sports, and ecological. We cooperate with the Centre for Environmental Education,participate in actions
organized by them, as Clean Up the World, Earth Day, the collection of waste paper, caps, cans, etc.Our school has been taking part in competitions and actions related to road safety for many years. We organize ‘Road Safety Days’ in cooperation with the police and fire brigade. There is an actively working student government at our school, which plans its own work based on surveys and interviews with students.The school government reports and carries out its own initiative, taking into account the needs of their peers. A school newspaper is issued. In addition, there is a school volunteer club. It conducts numerous charities directed for example to the elderly and children from orphanages. We cooperate with the association ‘Ark’, The
House of Veteran, housing estate home of culture.

Our school finds this project very important to introduce the European dimension of education in our school, to learn good practices and give our students the occasion to develop a European sensitivity, to know about other cultures, to learn to be tolerant and empathic and to improve their foreign linguistic competence. Our school has a strong commitment to innovation in teaching and learning.

People involved in the project participated in the creation and implementation of three Comenius projects, two Erasmus+ projects and many etwinning ones. They have organizational experience and language skills.They have experience in evaluating different types of activities, resulting from their practice, courses and workshops.They can be called innovative and willing to experiment on new ideas, methods and approaches.As for the key person responsible for project management at school it will be a person with extensive experience in EU projects.She has been the coordinator of 4 projects in our school.In the event that a person leaves the report in the future her role will be taken over by a teacher with whom she closely
We believe we gathered all the necessary skills ,expertience and knowledge to be a great partner on this project.and to help carry it without vital problems.