We are a private school in Zaragoza, Spain. Our school is a cooperative of families with 650 students from 2 years old to 18 years old. our staff is made up of 70 teachers. Our school is characterized by using innovative methodologies related to thinking skills, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and our students studying various languages: Spanish, English, French, German or Chinese are the possibilities they have. Our main we are also experts in the area of robotics and programming. For 6 years we have included the computer science subject to teach these subjects and today all of us can learn programming from 3 years to 18 years. In addition, we have also done robotics activities with families for the past 6 years and have an after school club where parents and children learn and do projects together.

We are accredited with the EFQM quality system our main motivation for this project is twofold: on the one hand we are very excited to participate for the first time in an Erasmus project, and we want

to take advantage of this experience, so that in later years we can encourage other colleagues to also present their own projects. On the other hand, we have extensive experience in programming and robotics and we want to make a leap in quality in our school in terms of organization and collaboration with other different cultures around a makerspace and what revitalization activities we can carry out to motivate our students with a new and motivating space for them, where we can collect their main interests

As I have commented before, we have great experience in the last 6 years in the area of programming and robotics projects, with students above all, but also with families. Our team of computer science teachers is made up of 4 professionals with an accredited reputation in their respective areas.

The coordinator of this Erasmus project is also the coordinator of new technologies in our school and teacher in the last 3 courses that we offer 15 to 18 years.

Another teacher is in charge of the infant and primary stages. Two other teachers are in charge of the subject from 12 to 15 years old.

All the team has a proven reputation beyond our school, including some of them having their own company with great impact in the city.

Any of them could assume the role of coordinator of the project in the event that someone leaves the project