II. osnovna skola Varazdin, Croatia

II. elementary school is a public school located in the center of Varaždin, in the northwest of the Republic of Croatia. The second elementary school was established by the Decree of the Ministry of Education on November 6, 1948 with the name II. a seven-year school in Varaždin. For the first 10 years, the school operates in several different locations, on 9/15/1958 the classes begin in the building in Cesarec’s street, where it is still taught today.

The school started its operation as early as August 28, 1948.

The school is attended by 728 students aged 6 – 15 years. They are students integrated into full-time learning. We have 36 classes, 59 teachers and 3 teaching assistants.

The school has four professional associates: pedagogue, psychologist, defectologist and librarian. About 30 students study by custom program.

The school has participated in several eTwinning projects, projects at the school level, and in cooperation with the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin. In addition to regular classes, other types of classes are organized: elective, supplementary, additional and extracurricular activities.

Students with disabilities also attend the school and are assisted by teaching assistants.

We foster a tolerant attitude towards diversity, we support the fight against discrimination and violence on any basis: national, religious, gender or social. We have been participating in UNICEF’s School without Violence since 2004 with the aim of schools being a safe place to work, learn and grow up. Students and teachers of the school participate in various humanitarian activities, whether it is to help individuals (most often children) or to help in larger humanitarian projects (Mary’s Meals, Caritas, Red Cross, etc.). Classroom students participate in the ASSOCIATION ZVONO project – sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

The persons in charge of the project implementation at the school will be ICT teachers, teachers of mathematics, technical culture, english and other teachers.

In 2016, we started a national e-school project and we hope that this project will encourage the use of ICT technology in teaching in order to improve teaching and to make teaching content more attractive and engaging to students. Our school is open for cooperation at local, national and international level, of which confirms participation in numerous events, competitions, projects, cooperation with associations, schools, cities ….

We want to share and expand our experience in organizing and implementing projects at our school. At the same time, we will receive advice from participating schools on how to expand our knowledge through other robotics and STEM experiences. We would love to share our experience with mBot with other participating schools. Our school participates in the Croatian Makers League (working with mBots) at the national level where it achieves excellent results.