Our school was founded in Kadıköy, Bağdat, İstanbul, in 2014 with the name of Çiftehavuzlar Secondary School and its name was changed to Ali Haydar Ersoy Secondary School in 2018. In our school providing education at secondary level, there are 3 administrative staff, 50 teachers, 1 officer and 6 assistant officers. In our class, 756 students in 25 classes are trained in 12 different branches.

Our school has motication for this project has two side. One side is relevant intercultural connection. Participating in this project will give our students and teacher the motivation to improve English skills, discover European citizenship. Second side is more technlogical aspect.  By direction of national education 2023 vision, our school start to build robotic, technology and desing center, coding classroom as makerspace environemnt.  We belive thatobserving another counties opportinty and working environment, equipment will increase our vision to make better our schools makerplace. Also sharing knowledge and exchanging good practice will increase our teacher knowledge about robotics and makerspace, learn different methods to use in lessons.

In order to implement this project successfully in our school, we have formed a hard working and dynamic team with willing teachers from different subjects. People interested in the project have have management experience and language skills. As key person, computer teacher was identified as the school coordinator, because of previous Erasmus+ experience, language skills, and get course to make Erasmus+ project by ministry ofeducation.. In the case of withdrawal of teacher in project, teachers who also get course to make Erasmus+ project, will take part in the continuation of the project.

In our school, many projects local projects are in progress. Also 2015-1-PL01-K219-017178_2 coded Play With Me And Teach Me project was

completed in 2018. In order for this project to succeed, we have carried out the following studies.

The training of traditional “Turkish Games Mangala” carried out by Mangala Federation

•“Mind Games” training carried out by Academy of Educational Consulting supported by Ataturk University.

•“Gamification Training” with the expert Assist. Prof. Dr. Yavuz Samur from Bahcesehir University.

•Moreover after each mobilities we had dissemination and “Good Practice Weeks”, workshops for teachers and students.

In 2020, we are beginning to create robotic classroom, technology and design center as the school’s makerspace, improving our students’ skills as the makers. We have some robotic kits from LEGO EV3, LEGO SPIKE, microbit , arduino , 3D printer etc. Our school will contribute to the idea of how to build with different equipment robotic and technology design center. Our computer teacher holds a master’s degree in IT and in phd degree working coding and robotics. Our robotic team student has national champion and became world champion at Robotex 2019 Estonia.